Tecnología Sertec


& Footprint

Through special activities we increase our clients profitability and accelerate their cash flow entries.

We have the size, regional footprint, technology and economies of scale required to serve the largest financial, commercial and mortgage companies in the Region, all with the same standard of quality and results in each country we operate in.

We can insource your whole collections process, from prevent and first party all the way through third party collections, so you can leverage on our success fee model to meet your internal economies and budget constraints, without jeopardizing your portfolio results and recovery.

By outsourcing your collection processes to Sertec
you maximize profitability, and:

Specialize and professionalize your collection function

Save expenses and internal resources (“success fee” model)

Have larger flexibility and scalability. Significantly increase your time response

Access leading-edge technology, process and best practices = “Collect more and faster”

Be backboned by a company with a solid culture and practice of Compliance