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Human Capital

Our Most
valuable asset

We have more than 3,400 employees including phone agents, field personnel, technical and staff teams, line supervisors, managers and directors.

Capital Humano

We have an organizational structure designed to create the highest quality results.

Every client is assigned a specific and specialized team to manage and collect its portfolio with only one objective: Meet the goals and achieve the best results.

Capital Humano

Highly committed to the development of skills and competencies of our personnel, we provide collections analysts a comprehensive training program based on two pillars: Our collections expertise of more than 22 years, recommendations and policies from our Customers.

We have a monitoring process to ensure service and productivity standards are met.

Capital Humano
People Motivation

We recognize our employees for the extra mile they always put for SERTEC and not only through bonuses and compensation, but also through public recognition, award programs and events, and via strong career planning and personal development courses.

We praise ourselves and take care every day of our work environment and engagement. We coordinate different dynamics and events to address people achievements and results.

Capital Humano
Monitoring & Supervision

Our phone technology allows us to discreetly perform call monitoring, so to provide feedback and coaching to our agents and preserve the same quality standard across all thousands of contacts achieved in our company every day.

We have a call recording system capable to capture 100% of the daily calls performed at our centers.